Therapy Services

We use an integrative approach that fits the clients’ needs. The therapy sessions will look different according to your preferences. Some of our clients prefer a flexible process centered on their presenting problem, while others choose a more structured approach. In both methods, we provide psychoeducation and use evidence-based techniques. Structured sessions focus on exploring and identifying patterns of negative thoughts and/or behaviors and learning coping skills to improve their life.

We help clients who want to create healthy relationships with themselves and others. 

Our therapy goal is to help you heal from past experiences, cope with symptoms of depression and anxiety, teach you coping skills to increase confidence, self-esteem, emotional regulation, healthy boundaries, and practice communication and conflict resolution skills. 

During the first session, we will discuss your presenting problems, establish therapy goals and frequency, choose a therapeutic process, and develop a treatment plan. 

Online Therapy: We offer HIPAA-compliant online therapy. If you are located within Florida state at the time of the session and have a smartphone, tablet, or computer with video capabilities,  you can qualify for setting up an online appointment. 

Therapy Options

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